Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to Make Your Own Tutu

Here is the tutu I made :-)  And here is how I did it:

I bought tulle in the spool because I think it is easier since you don't have to cut it into strips.  It is already done for you!  I also bought coordinating satin ribbon.

I made a newborn tutu so I cut my pieces to 16" which is a little smaller than one for a toddler or taller child.  I cut the ribbon to 40" but this can be longer if you'd like to have a long bow :-)
Fold the 16" piece of tulle in half and then I knot it around the ribbon and pull tight.  
Keep doing this until you have as many as you like.  You can either pull the knot really tight and pack them in close if you want a very full tutu or leave them a little more loose so there won't be as many.  
Here is a close up of the 3 colors of tulle tied onto the ribbon.
Once you have all the tulle tied on that you need to make it nice and fluffy make sure to heat treat the ends of the ribbon so they don't fray.  All you do is take a flame and get it close to the edge of the ribbon.  Just close enough to melt the ends but don't let the fire touch the ribbon or it will burn!  If it gets burned you can just trim it off and try again!  

And in about 30 minutes you have a tutu ready to go!

Adorable! :-)

If you love this tutu and don't have the time to make one you can hop over to my Etsy page and snatch this one up for only $15!  It is at a serious discount because I bought this tulle for my Monkey's tutu and these were the leftover pieces of tulle and ribbon.  

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  1. Thanks for the great tutorial! I'm going to have to try one of these! :)