Monday, May 2, 2011

Circo Love N Nature Bedroom

You can read my last post on how I did the wall art seen here.

Here is the finished product! :)

Hung up the valance, made the wall art and hung up a wind chime that was given to her for her 2nd Birthday from her Papa.  

Here is a close up on the bedding.

Once I get some paint on the wall you will be able to see it says "Hayden" above her bed in white letters. 

Here is a close up on the beautiful wind chime

I am especially fond of the Circo rug I got to go with it! Really adds color to the room (since there is no paint on the walls...)

Speaking of paint... look what I found at Home Depot this morning!!  Perfect neutral color (in case some day Monkey's room becomes a nursery and she moves to the spare room)

Oh and did I mention it was on clearance!?  Only $5 for $33 paint! I am stoked about this!


  1. SO ADORABLE!!!! I love it!!! Great job, girl! :D

  2. Such a sweet room! I too get super excited about the "whoops" section of paint! Great price :)
    New follower from the hop :) Looking foward to reading more!