Monday, March 21, 2011

Knit Viking Hat

I went searching the internet for a free knitting pattern for a request for a Viking Hat.  I found Laura's blog Knit For Your Life.  She provided a really clear explanation for how to knit a great looking hat.  Here is a picture of hers:

I wanted it a little bit different so I went with a gray/silverish color for the bottom piece and continued with brown for the rest of the hat. 

 I also added braids to it.
Had a lot of frustration fun learning how to make a bobble (the little nobby thing around the brim of the hat)  But found a nice video on You Tube  that helped.  I am such a visual learner I need to SEE it happen before I can actually do it.  Unless I've done it before. :)  

Thanks so much for checking out my project.  :-)


  1. OMG, how stinking cute that viking hat is! I love it! ♥ BJ

  2. Hi I found your blog following your link from Laura's page, I have a similar problem, I have size 7 circulars and dpns, can you give me the overall conversions you used?