Saturday, November 6, 2010

Soup Can Candle Sticks

Yes, you read that right!  I am so excited about this craft! I started it a couple weeks ago but I think I have craft ADD.  :-P  You can check out the tutorial that I used here at Me Making Do's blog. Just save a few soup cans from the dumpster and tah dahh!  The tops and bottom wood pieces I got at Lowe's for around $2 a piece.  I made a few adjustments to my embellishing that made it even easier!  I did use a book page to make the accordion flower but I just found a scrapbook flower and glued that on.  I was going to attempt to make a paper flower but didn't want to dig out my paints.  I make a big enough mess on my own let alone getting acrylic paint out with an 19 month old!  I swear she just waits for me to look away for one second and she has a pen or marker in her hands!  Sneaky little girl!

Close-up of the flower

Ready for Christmas...I know It isn't even Thanksgiving yet!  But we are going to be traveling across country on Thanksgiving so we kind of get to skip it this year.  So onward HO! (ho ho) haha.  I crack myself up!

Here they are on my mantle

Here they are with my dollar store hurricane glasses.  You can see one of the MANY tutorials out there if you click here.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE my hot glue gun.  It is kind of sad the obsession I have with it! I also got the red candles at Dollar Tree.
So, there you have it!  
Project total:
$8 for the wood pieces at Lowe's
$2 for the candles at Dollar Tree
Ribbon and other embellishments on hand

$10 for 2 candle sticks...SWEET!  And it is upcycled to boot!
Hope you liked it!  Please follow my blog and leave me a comment to know you've been by!


  1. Jackie, did you really get those big hurricane glasses at the Dollar Store?! I need to start going to whatever one you go to! lol They look great girl!

  2. Great job thank you so much for letting me know!! I love your version!
    Heather @ memakingdo

  3. Sarah, Yes I did get them but they were just vases that I glued to candlesticks! Way easy and cute! For the taller one I just glued two candlesticks together. All the stuff I used I got from Dollar Tree.
    Heather-I am so glad you approve! :) You are such a genious for coming up with the idea! I love upcycled projects!!

  4. what a great idea with the vase+candle stick=hurricane idea! love it, gonna steal that one!

  5. Thank you Cyndi! Stay tuned! I am trying to craft every day...I love it! :)

  6. BRILLIANT!!! These would make excellent gifts for neighbors or co-workers!
    Thanks for sharing your version of this candle holder. (and your blog is so darn cute!)

  7. These are so cool! OMG! (sounding like a Valley Girl) So awesome. My hat is off to you.

  8. Thank you ladies! You make my dad with your nice comments! :)

  9. What a fabulous idea!!!
    They turned out great!!