Monday, May 2, 2011

DIY Love N Nature Wall Art

We finally decided on a theme for Monkey's new bedroom.  I have a ton of pictures to post but first I will start off with my art project/wall art.  Target has an adorable canvas photo of two owls on a branch but they wanted $39.99 for it!  And it wasn't exactly what I was looking for anyway.  So I decided to do something myself! (of course, right!)

First we bought wall decals from Target.  The theme is "Love N Nature" by Circo.  Somewhere around $15 for the roll of decals.  Then I went to Michael's who happens to have canvas on sale 2 packs are B1G1 Free! How much better luck could I get?  So I bought 4 canvas size 11" x 14" for only $7.99 (plus tax).  I have some acrylic paint in my stash of art supplies for reasons I'm not really sure of since I don't have much artistic ability.  I painted two canvas pink and two green and then cut out the decals so I could arrange them how I wanted before they stuck.  My wonderful hubby helped me decide on the arrangement and...drumroll please....

Ta-da!  Wall art for around $23!

Here come some close ups:

Have to give credit to my hubby for this one of the birdies kissing.  I wouldn't have thought of it and I think it might be my favorite one!


  1. How did you get the decals to stay on the canvas? Love the idea - great work :)