Monday, July 11, 2011

Running my first 5K

My friend Lisa encouraged me to sign up for the San Diego Blood Bank 5K.  Even until I got there I had no real intentions on running it and planned on walking.  Something amazing happened when I got there.  Maybe it was the other motivated people or maybe it was a spark of a little friendly competition.  Whatever it may be, I started it running and ran the first 2 miles non-stop.  Now, let me just mention that I have NEVER enjoyed running-EVER!  I can speed walk with the best of them, but running-eh, I'll pass.  So I really am not sure what happened but I loved it! My first 5k time 31:45 which for not being a runner I'm pretty happy with.  It gives me a great goal to do better next weekend!  After the race there are a ton of restaurants and companies handing out free food and drinks and coupons for restaurants.  It was great!  We sat in the grass and enjoyed our Subway lunch and soaked in the sun.  This is the first time I'd ever felt endorphins like this!  My whole body was alive! I couldn't believe it!  This is why people love running, not because it is fun to do but because of the way you feel after! I get it now!  I signed up for the Spartyka Wounded Warrior 5k.  (I hurried and signed up for another one before I felt how sore I was so I couldn't change my mind! LOL).  This is a picture of me and Lisa before the race :)  BTW-I am SUPER sore today but it was worth it! 

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  1. Woo Hoo!! Great job! Just wanted to let you know that I've given you an award. You can pick it up here: