Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grand Opening of my Etsy Shop!

I have finally gotten my Etsy page up and running.  I will be adding things to it on a regular basis but here is what I have added so far!

This is my "strawberry cupcake" hat and you can find it for sale in my shop HERE for $10 + $3 for shipping.
I hand crafted this cute little hat with 100% acrylic yarn.  It is sized toddler/kids but I can make it for little heads and large heads alike ;)

This I nicknamed my "funfetti hat" because..well funfetti cake is my absolute FAVORITE and this kind of reminds me of the colors =)  This is the only one I can make since I used up the small ball of this particular yarn.  One of a kind!  This is only available in toddler/kids size for $10 + $3 shipping at my shop HERE

This is an infant sized knit beanie with crochet flowers.  What a gorgeous little hat!  Available now for $10 + $3 for shipping at my shop HERE

This hand crafted strawberry beanie is infant size but can be made for bigger heads too!  Only $7 + $3 shipping!  You can find it HERE at my Etsy shop! 

I am so excited to get this page up and going!  Thank you so much everyone for your support of my crafting!  And thank you to my beautiful Grandma "Lort" for coming out to visit and helping with my monkey while I learn how to make some of these hats and get my crafts organized!  She has been amazing!  Seriously!  :-)

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  1. The watermelon is so cute! Following you now from a Friday blog hop!