Thursday, April 28, 2011

1 Day Re-do Blue Master Bedroom

We moved to San Diego in December and it has taken me this long to convince my hubby to paint our STARK white walls in the master bedroom.  Here is the before shot:

Ridiculously white isn't it?  He was perfectly happy with this?  I can't imagine how!  

Yes, that is still a box in our closet lol.  I realize I've had a ton of time to unpack but I just don't feel like it!  You should see the disaster garage...perhaps not!

So we finally decided on a color and while he was on duty I hurried and got the paint before he had a chance to change his mind!  Isn't it pretty?

Check out the finished product!!  I LOVE it!!  And so does my hubby!!  He came home after work yesterday and we got it all done in one day!  A little ambitious but I didn't want to have to live in transition...did I mention I have a 2 year old??

I also got a fantastic manicure in the process! ;) haha

I am so in love with our room!

Little advice: spend the extra money on the frog tape.  It's bright green and has paint lock technology or something to that effect.  Whatever it is...fantastic job!  This is the entry to our bathroom where we used the tape.
Here is the ceiling where we also used the tape! Perfect lines! This has never happened before!  I ALWAYS get paint where it's not supposed to be!

Hope you enjoyed the before and afters of our master bedroom!  Now I just have to convince him to paint Monkey's room.  The only other white room in the house!


  1. Looks gorgeous. Such a transformation You have white walls in the babies room!!!!!!!

  2. Looks awesome Jackie!! :D Come back to VA and do my house ;-)

  3. Thank you Sarah! :) You are so funny! Can you paint that "artwork" wall you have in your bedroom? ;) JK. Working on Miss Hayden's room today but no painting yet..cute new bedroom set for her toddler bed :)