Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Monkey turned 2!

My amazing friend Cristan over at Coffe Cups and Crafts made these ADORABLE leg warmers for Hayden's 2nd birthday.  I cannot believe I have been slacking and haven't gotten the party pictures posted here yet! The theme was Rock Princess and these were supposed to go with her outfit but since I had her in a tutu and she shed that off to play it worked out better to have her in full leggings rather than leg warmers!  Look how cute she is though! LOVE them!!

Close up of the leg warmers

Love the action shots of her running! :)

Check out Cristan's blog if you haven't already!  She has a tutorial up on how she made these kind of leggings here :)  She also made a pair of zebra print ones.  I'll have to hog tie Monkey to get pictures of her in those too.  She is on ACTIVE 2 year old.  Keeps me moving thats for sure!

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  1. Don't you think "active" and "2 year old" are a tad redundant? She looks quite pleased with her cute little self in that outfit!