Saturday, June 25, 2011

Garage Sale Finds!!

We are on a vacation to visit family this week in Sacramento and this morning I woke up early and went garage sale shopping with my mother in law Arlene.  Can I just say I had a BLAST!!  I haven't really gone in forever.  There were a ton of great finds!  Check out what I got! (please excuse the cell phone pictures!)  And I spent SO LITTLE! I love a great deal! :)  

Jammies for my monkey 25 cents each!! The cupcake set is a 3 piece thermal PJ set. Monkey just recently started to love Tinkerbell so I had to grab that set too! What a steal!

This is super soft yarn that I got for 50 cents!  I'm going to have to think of a super cute hat to make with this! :)  Any ideas?

Monkey is obsessed with Ariel so I got this for 25 cents! It's too big now but will be perfect for next summer!

A little Hurley sweatshirt for Monkey for 25 cents! I can't believe that people are willing to get so little for their stuff!  I got some other clothes too but nothing really worth mentioning since they are all too big (they are for this fall) and mainly just play clothes.

I have been looking for apothecary jars for our bathroom and I found 3 of them! Only 25 cents each!  

This blanket is perfect for our spare room and only $3.  This was the highest price I paid for anything today by the way.  But a nice blanket for only $3 is a great price.

And my most prized item you might ask from todays bargain hunting.  THESE amazing shoes!!  OMG! They are real Coach heels in my size!!  I couldn't even believe it.  But the even more amazing thing about these shoes you might ask?  Can you guess how much I paid for them? 
You'd never guess only $1 would you?  :) I can't believe it either!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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  1. Nice work! Those jars are so cool!

    I hope to have time for garage sale-ing again in my near future...