Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Flag Day!

My Flag Day Project? Naturally a FLAG, DUH! ;) 
Today also happens to my my Mom's Birthday so I set out to find a cute gift I could make her.  First I found the inspiration with the tutorial Deneen wrote of the Paint Stick Flag at her blog Dreamingincolor which I loved but I wanted something a little bit more durable.  

I had 1"X2"s laying around from another project so I got to work!
1. Measure 20" on the 1"x2"s and mark it off.  I used 8 20" pieces (On hand-$2) Note: Did you know that you can get scraps of wood for super cheap at the hardware store? Ask your store to find out where the scraps are!
2. Paint 4 of them white and 4 of them red.  I used acrylic paint because that is what I had (On hand-?)
3. I took my staple gun to the back mainly because I'm impatient!  I thought I could get away with not gluing them together until I happened to think that the starfish would break if the wood moved :(

Here is the back.

4. So then I used wood glue to the creases.  Wipe with a wet terry cloth to get any excess cleaned up and let that set overnight. (On hand-$4)
5. Tape off a section you would like for the blue paint and paint 2 coats.
6. Take a sanding block to rough up the edges.  I wish I had some antiquing glaze like the lady had with the paint stick flag but I didn't.  If I would have had it, I would have put a coat or two on it!
7. Glue starfish ($4) and tie on twine to hang (on hand-$1)
YOU'RE DONE! :) Now, sit back and enjoy!  Now I need to make myself one!


  1. so cute! You should put link this up here, it would be great and anything else you might think of some more http://forblogs.blogspot.com/2011/06/4th-of-july-extravaganza.html

  2. Looks great! I am following you too! Check out the post today dreaming-n-color.blogspot.com

  3. What an awesome job! I love it!
    Following you from the social parade and would love a follow back.

  4. Great idea to use wood scraps to make this. Looks great!