Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Update on Monkey's room & Fun Summer Times

This weekend I got my butt in gear and got Monkey's room painted :)  You can see the post HERE where I redid the whole decor of her room.  Hubby decided Monkey needed more room to play so he moved the rocking chair out of the room and into the spare room and moved the lego table she got for her b-day this year.  The chest scared me having it that close to the window now that she has a friend she talks to out the window next door.  So I moved it into our bedroom to be used like a hope chest.  Do people still use hope chests?? My mom and step mom both have them so I think it's ingrained in me ;) 
After paint:
After: You can actually see the hand painted letters :)
I am very happy with the way it came out! Although I still say I want the rocking chair in her room.  Until there is another baby to speak of Hayden is still my baby :)

Speaking of my doll-baby.  We had a super fun time today.  Daddy was on duty today so we had the house to ourselves all day and night.  We went to the pool and then came home and ate watermelon.  It was AWESOME.  I love spending good quality time with her and those are definitely the perfect summer activities :)  Enjoy the photos from today!

Isn't she so much fun!? :) Love her to pieces!

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