Friday, January 28, 2011

Bands For Arms

As a military wife I was completely taken away by this company.  Very simple concept with a huge impact.  They take old retired or active duty uniform donations and turn them into bracelets.   Bands For Arms will donate a portion of the sale price to support The USO Japan, The National World War II Museum, Project Lifting Spirits, and The Marine Toys For Tots Foundation. Bands For Arms goal is to bring awareness to our American military by bracelets made from actual service members' and veterans' uniforms, building a display of communication and support to patrons who wear a Bands For Arms bracelet. Communication with Sailors, Airmen, Coast Guard, Marines, or Soldiers with their loved ones back home is the primary goal and mission of Bands For Arms.

This is a limited edition Quinn bracelet from the 2011 collection.  How adorable!

The "military wife" bracelet

There are TONS of different designs!  What an amazing (and cute) bracelet to wear!  If you would like to donate uniforms you can mail them to:

Bands For Arms
C/O Mrs. Katrina Suffel
4007 East Donna Ave.
Orange, CA 92869

You can purchase your bracelets through their ebay store or directly from their website!  Can you think of a better Valentines present for someone?  I can't!!  You can follow them on Facebook.  Once they reach 8,000 followers they are releasing a new bracelet!  They are SOOO close!  Help them get there by passing this info on to your friends and family!

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