Friday, November 26, 2010

From Amarillo to Flagstaff

Today was a long and boring drive.  We started the morning at 2:30AM for Back Friday shopping.  Got some good stuff but had no idea that Amarillo, TX should not have been where we did our shopping!  Apparently this was THE ONLY Target within a 90 mile radius!  WHAT IN THE WORLD!??  Took FOREVER!!  Either way we got a 2 TB external hard drive for all of our pictures and other stuff normally $139.99 we got it for $69.  Also found a 14 cup Kenmore food processor (who the heck knew they made one that big!!) at Sears for $87.  That is about all we can really fit to take with us lol.  I had to unpack and repack the car this morning because I told hubby I would MAKE everything fit to get the food processor! :-P  Anyway!  Here are some really nice landscape pictures from our drive today.  SOOO COLD here in Flagstaff, AZ!  Going to the Grand Canyon tomorrow! SO excited because I've never been! Toodles!

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