Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween Catchup

I know Halloween is over and all but, I wasn't doing this blog yet so I haven't posted all of my homemade Halloween things from this year yet!
This is my little Abby Cadabby (the fairy goddaughter on Sesame Street)

I wanted to attempt her Halloween costume this year and everyone LOVED it.  Which, of course made me feel really good!

I tried to get the red-eye out on this picture and now her eyes look a little crazy! lol 
I made her girl friend Holley an Elmo costume.  Here is Monkey modeling it!

There is a weird glare on this picture but here is a "subway art" that I made for Halloween decor.  This was a sign that said "cosmo club" or something like that and had been hiding in monkey's closet for awhile now.  I dug it out and busted out my Cricut cutting machine, Mod Podge, and scrapbook paper. I love how it turned out!

This was at the pumkin patch.  She was trying SO hard to see the chickens!

Me hanging out while Daddy Monkey played paprazzi

I made these "ghosts" with washed out milk cartons and took a sharpie to them.  I plopped a battery powered light inside and then hubby and I carved the punkins :-) Mine is the happy one.  lol

Party food-mummy pizzas with homemade pizza dough (my first try!)

And then I commissioned hubby to do all this tedious meticulous work.  Apples with string cheese teeth and string cheese fingers with (homegrown) bell pepper fingernails. 
Mummy dogs!  I just doubled the batch of pizza dough and added some shredded cheese to the dough for the mummy dogs.  

These ghost pops I made by buying the chocolate melts and putting in a zipper bag and cut the tip.  I put mini chocolate chips as eyes and stuck them in the freezer for a couple minutes.  ta-da! YUM white fav!

All I did was print out a shape I wanted and then chalk the outline on black cardstock.  Double sided tape it to the wall. 

Dollar store wreath.  I hot glued the leaves around the wreath and then stuck a couple little pumpkins/gourds on it.  The scarecrow was on a stick that was supposed to go into the ground but I pulled it out and glued him to the wreath.  I think the total was $5.

These are just paper flowers that I made with scrapbook paper and glued them to a foam ball from the dollar store.  This container was also from the dollar store.  It was an ugly color so I spray painted it black.  I added a foam piece inside the container and a dowel I wrapped with ribbon with lots of hot glue.  

These hurricanes I showed you before in this post.  I added some plastic dollar store skulls and foam gourds, foam pumpkins, and candy eyeballs.  All of these (and the spider) were from Dollar Tree.  If you haven't seen the Dollar Store Crafts blog yet you need to!

I picked up these pine cones at the park with monkey (all the other pieces and bowl are bought!).  Used a paintbrush with some Mod Podge and sprinkled glitter on them.  Done and free :)  My favorite kind of project!


  1. Hi,
    Just made my way over from Heather's briliant blog 'Me making Do'. I love the idea you did with the milk cartons. Much less messy than a pumkin and just as effective. I have only been going since Jan 2010 and like you am toying up with Etsy. Just not sure my work is good enough.
    I make and give away most of what I do at present. I am following you now.

  2. Oh my goodness, your little one is so deliciously plump! How do you tear yourself away from a cuddle long enough to get anything done?