Saturday, November 6, 2010

Out with the old

This project was a long time in the making.  Okay so about 18 months ago (right after Monkey was born) I got these frames...or what I thought were frames from Big Lots.  Well when I got them home I realized that I had bought framed "art".  Well, I didn't really want THIS "art" I wanted the frames to put pictures of my Monkey in!  So they have been sitting in the garage ever since. (I'm terrible at returning things to ANY store!)
I had thought I could put something in them...but it was going to be far too much work to rip off the backing and wrestle with them to get the "art" free of its capturer.  Well, during Monkey's nap one day I decided to finally do it.  

With a little Goo Gone it took care of the sticky paper mess on the back where it had backing glued to the frame.
I cut some coordinating scrapbook paper in place of the flowers.

And here they are in our hallway upstairs :)  We are trying to get rid of personal pictures and "stage" our house since it is up for rent now.  I love how they turned out! :)

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