Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Goodwill finds today

Went to the Goodwill today to browse and stumbled upon this coffee carafe.  My Nana (mom's mom) passed away when I was young.   My Grandma (dad's mom) had gotten the carafe on the left as a gift from Nana years ago and then recently gave it to me.  I thought it was so special that she had kept it all this time and now I get to admire and appreciate it.  So when I saw the carafe on the right at the Goodwill I really had to contain myself.  I was so excited!  Now getting them side by side I know that the one my Nana bought was much better quality and a little different in design but the similarity really astounded me!  Not bad for $5.25!  Now if I ever do a brunch I can have coffee in one and tea or decaf in the other :)  yay!

This one from my Nana has more detail around the top brass piece and the handles is more arched.

I also found Monkey a stuffed Elmo for $3.25.  She had just woken from her nap here and not amused with me snapping pictures lol.

She brought Elmo to eat lunch with her.

And is carrying him around everywhere.  So stinkin cute :-P  Can't wait until she sees the stuffed Abby Cadabby (her new favorite) that Grandma Baker has waiting for her in Sacramento!  She is going to lose it! :-)

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  1. Concrats on the carafe find. It looks like a really nice piece & matches up nice with the one from your Nana. Elmo...it is amazing what he does to children & adults alike. I found a Tickle me Elmo at a Thrift Store for my son's youngest boy 5 yrs ago & when he was an infant & he is still in love with it now. Thanks for making it over to my site. I thought I became a follower of your site but have noticed that I did not. Must have been when the power surge knocked things out. Following you now!