Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On our Adventure

We are on our adventure across the country.  My dad so graciously offered to take Monkey to California on a plane so that she wouldn’t have to travel all this way.  (I owe you big time dad!!).  Monkey left her stuffed sheep behind so hubs decided to take the sheep on all of our adventures and take pictures with it.  Here we are in front of our Virginia Beach house.  So sad to think of all our hard work and now we are renting it out.  California...here we come!

Here are the trees in Virginia Beach in the fall.  So pretty!

  We went from Virginia Beach up to the Shenendoah’s.  The Grand Caverns were so great!  I can’t believe I’ve never been to any caverns before!  So beautiful!

I can't believe all of this was naturally made!

They had some cool lights to enhance these stalagmites and stalagtites (totally forgot my 4th grade science until the tour guide reminded me!)

How cool!!! A bat hybernating for the winter!!

This pot has a constant drip of water into it which used to be used for drinking back in the 1800's.

Here is sheep hanging out...well today is another day...going to Louiville and the St. Louis Arch!  More pictures to come! Hope you guys enjoyed! :-)

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