Wednesday, November 24, 2010

St. Louis Arch and start of Route 66

Today was a very fun/cold/frustrating day.  We got up and were one of the first people at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.  It was FREEZING cold and for some reason hubs didn't pack the coat that I layed out for him ON TOP of the luggage I had layed out for him to pack.  Just saying... ;-)  So we ran to the building and visibility was really poor.  Then as a compromise to hubby's request to go to the Casino Queen across the river in East St. Louis I agreed we would go to a casino on the trip just not THAT one.  Living in Illinois in the past has taught me that East St. Louis is not the place to be.  So as we are driving out of the parking garage we run smack into another casino...on THIS side of the river.  DANG it!  lol.  So we went...and I have to say that is the most expensive sodas we ever bought.  I just don't understand what the appeal is.  I put in $ and it doesn't come back out.  Hmm...sound like fun to anyone else?  I just don't get it.  Here are some pictures from the Arch:
The weather was really crappy but Jeff was still able to take a really great picture of the Arch, old courthouse and statue.

Cardinals stadium from the top of the Arch

Courthouse from the top of the Arch

Hubby being cute at the top

This is literally how big the trams are that go up to the top...and they expect 5 people to fit in there!?

Us being silly with the museum statues

And then we start driving...and that is when things really get interesting.  We ended up taking a route that runs parallel to Route 66 and saw a sign for a Vacuum Museum.  At first we were laughing...and then we decided to stop. HEHE.  I actually thought it was really funny and a lot of fun.  The tour guide Tom was really informative and very passionate about vacuums.  

I had no idea that the first vacuums plugged into light fixtures because there weren't plugs!

Each room was a different era and the different machines that came out during that time.

We got stuck in a tornado warning so we had to call it a night.  More Route 66 tomorrow.  YAY!!