Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Louisville, KY is beautiful!

Not sure what this building is but I like it.

Jeff was happy his team was featured on the wall

We really got to see bats being made in the factory!

In the faux dugout

No words can describe how huge this thing is!  It is the largest bat ever made!

Here is the plaque with info on the bat.

Me with it :-)

All throughout the city there are horses and other strange art.  I liked this one though because it reminds me of autism awareness. Not sure if that is what they were going for or not though.  

Hubs with the giant glove.

Me with the giant glove.

I overall LOVED this place!  I had a great time playing around and because we are military we got half off admission!  Gotta love that!  Plus they are renovating the gift shop so all their clothes were half off and 75% off!  So we got hubs a $55 shirt me an $18 t-shirt and Monkey a $18 onesie for $33!  I'm not one to buy too many souvenirs but it is kind of hard to say no to that!  St. Louis today.

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  1. Great pictures, glad you are having a fun time. I saw Monkey last night and she is such a wonderful little girl, soooo much like you were when you were little. Also has a lot of Jeff's sweetness too!!!

  2. Thank you grandma! So glad you are getting to spend time with our monkey! We Miss her like crazy!